Adopted research projects of 2012.

As a result of a strict and fair judgment, 6 research projects are adopted.

affiliation researcher theme
Center for Bioscience Research & Education Yutaka Kodama Fluorescence analysis of organelle relocation movements in plants
Graduate School of Engineering Miyoshi Ayama Subjective and objective measurement of light scatter in human eye for industrial and medical application
Graduate school of Engineering Akinobu Irie Development of superconductive devices for THz communication
Graduate School of Engineering Mie Sato High dynamic range display based on visual and kansei information for improving reality
Faculty of Agriculture Masayuki Iigo Identification and functional analyses of novel photoreceptive systems that regulate circadian clock and photoperiodism in vertebrates
Graduate School of Engineering Daisuke Barada Three-dimensional structural analysis by wavelength scanning optical diffraction tomography