Adopted research projects of 2011.

As a result of a strict and fair judgment, 6 research projects are adopted.

affiliation researcher theme
Graduate school of Engineering Nao Ninomiya Development of Single-Camera 3-D Velocimetry by Doppler Phase Shift Holography
University Farm
Faculty of Agriculture
Masaru Kashiwazaki Development of damage part detection technology of farm products using spectrum imaging and construction of the theoretical base
Graduate school of Engineering Takeshi Higashiguchi Development of x-ray source for single shot water window microscope
Graduate School of Engineering Noboru Yugami Creation of Electromagnetic wave source by laser produced plasma
Faculty of Agriculture Takahiro Saito Evaluation system development for Aspergillus oryzae activity by flourescence spectroscopy
Faculty of International Studies Yuji Nakamura Comparative Study of International Development and Utilization of Solar Energy