Adopted research projects of 2009.

As a result of a strict and fair judgment, 8 research projects are adopted from 18 applications.

affiliation researcher theme
Graduate school of Engineering Shigeo Kawata Efficient fs-laser absorption and its application to high-quality particle beam generation
Graduate school of Engineering Satoshi Shimawaki Development of noninvasive bioinstrument for cholesterol in blood using vascular visualization method by near infra-red light
Graduate school of Engineering Takeshi Higashiguchi Development of a compact, ultrashort pulse hard x-ray source at high repetition rate operation and SiO2 application
Faculty of Agriculture Shoei Sugita Application of the photo-sensing mechanics to the biophysics and biohazards in the avian
University Farm
Faculty of Agriculture
Masaru Kashiwazaki Development of Hyperspectral Imaging Technique for Nondestructive Quality Inspection of Agricultural Products
Center for Bioscience Masaru Matsuda Establishment of a transgenic medaka, which can distinguish between male and female in live larval fish

 Educational/Cultural Research
affiliation researcher theme
Faculty of International Studies Yuji Nakamura Study of local community promotion by solar power electricity
Graduate School of Engineering Noboru Yugami Education of Optics for high school students and teachers