Adopted research projects of 2007.

As a result of a strict and fair judgment, 6 research projects are adopted from 21 applications.

affiliation researcher theme
Graduate school of Engineering Shigeo Kawata High-quality particle beam generation by intense short pulse laser
Graduate school of Engineering Hidehiko Yoda Study on optical wavelength filters using SiOx films for functional device application
Graduate school of Engineering Takeshi Higashiguchi Development of laser and discharge-pumped XUV laser
Faculty of Engineering Hiroshi Sakuma Photoinduced magnetotransport in titanium dioxide doped with magnetic elements
Faculty of Agriculture Shoei Sugita Regulation of various biological activities by light and development of novel optical devices based on the elucidation of bio-photoreceptive mechanisms
Faculty of Agriculture Masayuki Iigo Functional analysis of biological clock by long-term real-time imaging in time and space domains