Intramural Grant-in-Aid Scheme

   Center for Optical Research and Education provides grant-in aid for creative projects on a wide range of subjects related to optical science and technology that are expected to attract worldwide interest or bring substantial benefits to society. Research results under the grant-in-aid scheme will be disclosed to the public to encourage further development.
   In principle, the grant-in-aid are provided for a period of two years. However, this period may be modified according to the progress, evaluation or significance of the research project.

The grant-in-aid scheme has an annual budget of up to Y5 million.

<Research areas and keywords>
  • Basic optics(optical system, optical materials, processing and measurement, physiological optics, vision and color)
  • Optical application(organisms and optical environment, optical energy use, optical measurement, optical devices, optical communication, image processing, nano-photonics, bio-photonics)
  • new introductory education in optics for elementary and secondary school, history of science in optics, cultural anthropology related to optics or light
  • Miscellaneous